Using Symlinks with WebDisk


Nov 5, 2018
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Hello All,

I'm administrating a website hosted by HostGator, which is currently running cPanel version: (standard). Recently, I created a WebDisk with a read-only account to allow some users controlled access to download files from the server. I got the webDisk itself to work fine using the default setup scripts provided for Windows, but I'm running into a problem.

The folder that the WebDisk points to has two symlinks to two other directories within the server folder structure. I did this so that I can control exactly what content is available to the WebDisk without having to reorganize the entire folder structure of the server. I created the folder symlinks through the SSH terminal and they work fine if I click on them from within the cPanel file manger, but when I connect to the WebDisk in Windows (accessing it using the Windows File Explorer in Windows 7 and 10), the symlinks show up as blank files with the names of the folders, rather than as folders. (NOTE: if I create regular folders and files within the WebDisk folder, they do work as expected)

I'm wondering if this behavior is expected or if there is a setting somewhere I need to adjust to get symlinks to work?

Jason O


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @Jdo300

I believe this behavior is expected when looking at out of homedir items. For example, if I use webdisk on my own account and look at /home/$user there should automatically be two symlinks, access-logs and www. When I view access-logs it takes me outside the user's home directory. When I view www it takes me to public_html which works. With that being said I guess it's important to know where the symlinks you have added are mapped to and from.