Using terminal to list accounts and other basic commands

Handssler Lopez

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Apr 30, 2019
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Hello friends, maybe my question seems very basic but I don't know if I'm wrong, I access WHM through the terminal.

/ root

It shows me that I am in the root of the server where the cPanel accounts are located or how ready are the cPanel accounts?

I need to access some of them as root to be able to run python commands as I am having "permissions denied" when accessing via terminal on accounts.

these cpanel accounts have a normal shell since with jailed shell it had more drawbacks, one of them was the use of pip

[email protected] [~]# pwd
[email protected] [~]# ls
./                 .HttpRequest/                                 .pki/
../          *                                 public_ftp/
.accesshash     install.log                                   public_html/
anaconda-ks.cfg*                                   .pyzor/
.bash_history   kernelcare-latest-7.rpm                       .razor/
.bash_logout    legacy_ea3_distiller_files-number.tar.gz  .rnd
.bash_profile    .lesshst                            
.bashrc          lista.txt                                     .spamassassin/
.bwusage.sqlite    list.txt                                      spamtexto.txt
.cache/          .MirrorSearch/                                .ssh/
cloudlinux_ea3_to_ea4    .my.cnf                                       .tcshrc
cmstext.txt      mysql*                                        tmp/
.cpanel/         .mysql_history                                txt.txt
cpanel3-skel/    .pearrc                                       .viminfo
.cpanm/                error_log         perl5/                                        .wp-toolkit-identifier
.cpobjcache/           .forward
.cshrc                 found_shells.log  php.ini.orig
.elinks/               .gnupg/           php_modules.log