Mar 9, 2014
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I am not a website developer really, but I have been maintaining a website with cPanel. I use HTML+CSS. I wanted to give the website a new and better look so I was looking for templates. It appears that cPanel itself does not provide any templates.

I found this thread useful. Although, it kind of confused me. + the thread does not seem to have landed a good solution.

  1. [Isn't cPanel itself a Content Management System ? What does using something else like Joomla mean ? ]

  • [If I install any one of such services that I see on the cPanel dashboard (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal) would it replace my existing setup and mess with the website looks ? How do I avoid that and transfer everything safely to new system ?]

  • [How do I decide which one of the CMSs is best for me ? I don't want to spend a lot of time learning something entirely different. So I would prefer to work with HTML+CSS framework with which I am comfortable right now.]



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May 20, 2003
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1.) No, cPanel makes managing your CMS, email, and much more, easy. It is not a Content Management System, but it can indeed be used to manage your website. Using something like Joomla would be using a CMS. You can find out more about what Joomla is at

1.) It could if you install it into the same directory, yes. Most installers these days check for existing files and will stop and warn you. If you intend on replacing your site with some sort of CMS you might want to make sure you've backed up the original site for safe keeping first. Or, install your new CMS to test it out, into a sub directory of your account. (public_html/testsite/ for example)

Transferring your content would be something you'd want to look into at the community of the CMS you've chosen.

1.) You'd want to do some homework and look into each. For example here's one opinion:

None of these questions is related to your cPanel though to be honest. You might do better to do some googling for the CMS you're interested in trying out and find out what's needed.

Your Hosting Provider can also assist you with any options provided to you from within your cPanel.