Using WHM server as your DNS server - allow queries etc?


May 13, 2013
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My understanding of how this should work is a bit rough.

I have the following scenario.

I have a WHM server and a cPanel DNS only server. They are currently setup for DNS clustering.

I have the public google DNS servers setup as resolvers on WHM.

I would like it so that I can basically go into my PC, and set the WHM server as my primary DNS server, and the DNS only server as my secondary DNS server. The idea is that people will be using the WHM+DNSonly servers for DNS. So the servers will need to be able to do queries on any domain and forward the result to the user (so for example, the user could change from their ISP's DNS servers, to the WHM+DNSonly servers)

What must be done to allow this? I would also probably only want a certain IP range to be allowed to do queries.