/usr getting full, what can I move/delete??


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Nov 2, 2001

My /usr partition is getting full, its currently at 85% and the latest cpanel upgrade has now been blocked due to lack of disk space.

fatal,Cannot upgrade due to insufficent disk space. Detected 1.49G. You will need atleast 1.6G to install a new version of cPanel
The domlogs got moved a long time ago so that's ok.

It now seems the only big thing on the partition is cpanel itself.

Device 	       Size 	Used 	Available 	Percent Used 	Mount Point
/dev/sda3 	9.9G 	8.0G 	1.5G 	           85% 	         /usr
[/usr]# du -h --max-depth=1
130M    ./StorMan
34M     ./include
146M    ./bin
8.0K    ./etc
231M    ./lib64
4.1G    ./local
5.7M    ./mailscanner.old
16K     ./lost+found
120M    ./lib
590M    ./share
144K    ./mscpanel
24M     ./libexec
1.5M    ./src
5.9M    ./mailscanner
4.0K    ./games
57M     ./sbin
84K     ./man
5.4G    .

[/usr/local]# du -h --max-depth=1
3.6G    ./cpanel
3.4M    ./include
64M     ./rvglobalsoft
84K     ./rvsubversion
30M     ./bin
31M     ./frontpage
60K     ./etc
8.6M    ./burnintest
45M     ./lib64
168M    ./apache
108K    ./bandmin
7.9M    ./lib
180M    ./share
4.0K    ./libexec
4.0K    ./src
4.0K    ./games
364K    ./sbin
1.5M    ./modsecurity
1.1M    ./csf
252K    ./man
8.0K    ./apache.backup_archive
4.1G    .

[/usr/local/cpanel]# du -h --max-depth=1
12K     ./ea2-tools
9.3M    ./java-sys
48K     ./entropychat
404M    ./3rdparty
577M    ./bin
44K     ./cpupdatepatches
236K    ./obj
144K    ./sys_cpanel
76K     ./var
2.8M    ./build-tools
8.0M    ./locale
2.0M    ./lang
20K     ./redhat
2.1M    ./etc
14M     ./lib64
5.2M    ./scripts
425M    ./whostmgr
20M     ./perl
76M     ./logs
176K    ./img-sys
3.0M    ./lib
2.1M    ./share
43M     ./cgi-sys
1016K   ./libexec
76K     ./tmp
16K     ./t-dist
36K     ./htdocs
312K    ./install
86M     ./cpaddons
207M    ./src
4.5M    ./Whostmgr
33M     ./Cpanel
1.6G    ./base
228K    ./shared
48K     ./php
4.0K    ./modules-install
16K     ./docs
4.0K    ./.spamassassin
16K     ./sqloptimizer
4.0K    ./.cpanel
84K     ./hooks
520K    ./cloudflare-CloudFlare-CPanel-acadf01
3.6G    .


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

cPanel recommends 16G for the /usr partition if you are using an advanced partition scheme. However, note that ideally, you should use a single partition (/) or two partitions if you prefer to use swap, and have the "/" partition grow to fill disk. It's documented here:

Step 5: Configure Your Operating System

I suggest migrating the accounts or backing them up and restoring them after installing the OS, configuring the partitions again, and reinstalling cPanel. This will help you to avoid this problem in the future. Beyond that, you may want to review the disk usage reported by "du -sh" compared to what you see when using "df -h". The output you posted shows a few GB difference.

Thank you.


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Nov 2, 2001
Thank you for your suggestions.

Its a bit late now to be doing a full reinstall, it isn't really a viable option, that would require an extra server and possibly some down time too.

Moving something to give me an extra few hundred meg will have to be the best option for now.