/usr space issue and /tmp issue.


Apr 8, 2013
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Root Administrator
First issue is a well covered issue on these forums, I have searched it countless times and always found my solution however previously I had issues with space on the /var folder I allocated space to the /var folder on a method suggested within this forum however it took 1gb of space from the /usr to the /var at the time this wasn't an issue however now my /usr folder is sitting at this: /dev/sda3 /usr 92% (7,064,192 of 8,123,200)

I have deleted all the usual logs, dmlogs, apache logs, cpanel logs I am now at the point I do not know what else I should be deleting so and help or advice would be appreciated.

For example within the /usr/local/cpanel I have two folders named whostmgr folders although one is like I just typed the other is Whostmgr are one of these safe to delete ( I would presume the oldest one) Any other help with this folder would be appreciated.

In regards to the /tmp folder I have a rather odd issue it is always sitting like so: /dev/sda6 /tmp 4% (35,584 of 1,019,208) whoever every night at around 2am it goes to 100% full and mySQL stops updating within certain sections of my websites (private messages etc) all is returned to normal when I restart mySQL twice, the /tmp folder returns to 4% until the following evening at 2am the exact same thing happens.