Feb 28, 2019
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I'm new to cpanel so perhaps I have overlooked something blindingly obvious.

I'm trying to run a post upcp script but the script is not being invoked.

I have resgistered a standardised hook
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/manage_hooks add script /usr/local/bin/ --manual --category System --event upcp --stage post
The hook shows up in the list
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/manage_hooks list
        id: af8d4efd-c6bc-412f-bd51-1fbc9b5e8506
        weight: 100
        stage: post
        hook: /usr/local/bin/
        exectype: script
        escalateprivs: 0
However it is never called (it should run at 95%)
=> Log opened from cPanel Update (upcp) - Slave (1476) at Tue Feb  4 06:33:03 2020
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   Pre Maintenance completed successfully
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   95% complete
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   100% complete
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]     cPanel update completed
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   A log of this update is available at /var/cpanel/updatelogs/update.1580797973.log
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   Removing upcp pidfile
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000]   
[2020-02-04 06:33:03 +0000] Completed all updates
looking at the source for upcp I see:
    if ( -e '/var/cpanel/hooks.yaml' && -x '/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/hook' ) {
        $logger->info("Running Standardized hooks");
        system '/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/hook', '--category=System', '--event=upcp', '--stage=post';
so lets check:
ls -l /var/cpanel/hooks.yaml
ls: cannot access /var/cpanel/hooks.yaml: No such file or directory
well there's my problem, no hooks.yaml.

however re reading the guide to standardised hooks down the bottom I see that version 84 doesn't have a central database, so the non-existent hooks.yaml is expected and so the test in /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/uucp -e '/var/cpanel/hooks.yaml' on my up to date 84.0.21 box will always fail?

Am I doing something wrong here?

cPanel & WHM version 84 and later
Standardized Hooks System data is in subdirectories within the /var/cpanel/hooks/data/ directory. This allows the system to isolate individual events for better performance.
  • Each subdirectory includes a .yaml file and a .cache file.
  • For example, the /var/cpanel/hooks/data/Passwd/ directory could contain the change_password.yaml file and the change_password.cache file.
cPanel & WHM version 82 and earlier
Standardized Hooks System data is in the /var/cpanel/ directory. This is the authoritative reference for all standardized hook data.
  • The /var/cpanel/hooks.yaml file contains the hook database.
  • The /var/cpanel/hooks.cache file contains a cached copy of the database. The cache file regenerates automatically whenever you query the Standardized Hooks System internally or through a management utility.


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Feb 15, 2004
@MHFraser I'm sorry for the trouble you are having. This is definitely not anything you are doing wrong. There is an issue in the hooks system. We currently have a fix being tested for this, and it will be rolled out ASAP. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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