May 14, 2005
Hi, I recently got hold of a dedicated server and am having a few problems. Earlier today I tried to compile Apache with PHP suEXEC, there seemed to be no errors and everything I tried connecting to a website using PHP hosted on the server I got a 500 Internal Server Error. Eventually I just rebuilt Apache without PHP suEXEC and everything seemed to work fine.

The main problems started after I attempted to upgrade to the current version of cPanel. When I did so I could not find an icon to Fantastico anymore, I also noticed that parked domains was showing 1/unlimited on all my accounts; when I tried to remove these parked domains I got an error message saying unable to park main domain. I thought maybe these were due to bugs in the current version of cpanel so I downgraded to the release version. I also removed all instances of Fantastico as I decided a reinstall at this point would be best.

cPanel still reported 1/unlimited parked domains on all accounts so I reorganised my httpd.conf file which appeared to have sorted the problem.

In WHM, I had previously set up a parked domain, is parked to; however, I can find no way to delete this. I tried clearing the DNS Zone for the parked domain and I checked my httpd.conf file to check that it does not exist there, it doesn't. However, if I goto 'Park or Point a Domain' under 'DNS Functions' the parked domain is still there. How do I remove this domain?

Another problem which seems to be directly related is that when I make any sort of domain modifications, e.g. add a new account, park a domain etc, my httpd.conf files permissions get changed to 600 and when I login to cPanel I get the error 'Fatal Error! Unable to open httpd config file /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf!' under subdomains and there is no IP address displayed for the server. How can I fix this?

Finally, my account is displaying usage of over 500mb when du shows that it is infact only 800kb, is there any way to fix this?

I know there's many problems there but they've all seem to have occured within the last few hours, prior to this everything was fine.

I appreciate any help you can give, thanks :)


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Jul 12, 2005
I just posted a response to another thread regarding 500 server errors that may have been caused by phpsuexec.

I use it, and had the same problems (500 s.e.) with nearly every script. I read this great guide posted here:
and set up the permissions and ownership as it described... worked perfect. That should solve at least your first issue :) .