Very very basic domain setup details


Oct 12, 2010

I am new to VPS and WHM. I am trying to setup some domain names and am getting very frustrated and can not find any instructions for the most basic operation.

Please can somebody point me to some basic instructions to do this.

What I have done:
1/ Changed the DNS settings on the domain name regestration site to point at the new VPS using the DNS settings provided by the host.
2/ In WHM setup a new account with the domain name and "Use the DNS settings from the domain regestrar"
3/ Uploaded an index.html file to the webspace using the IP address of the VPS, username and password details from step 2/

1/ Everytime I log into the WHM now I get a message about "hosting A entry missing".
2/ When I visit the domain after clearing the DNS cach I get a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".