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Jul 6, 2004
I'm stumped about this one, I've tried every which way to troubleshoot it.

2 sites on one server experienced the same problem, the sites would seem to go down for many members and visitors, but would be up for me. The site owners both would tell me they couldn't access their own site.

One of these sites I moved to a different server to see what would happen, and it has had no more problems on the new server, so the move to the new server fixed it.

The other site is still on the same server and still having the same problem. The site goes up and down constantly for some people but not others.

Ive had the site owner run traceroutes from her computer and copy the results to me, but everything that way looks fine.

The thing of it is, IF it were a network issue, the owner's other sites on the same server would be doing exactly the same thing.

These are membership sites, and the owner has many of the same members in her other sites on the same server, but nobody is having a problem with the other sites. It's just this ONE site.

Is there something I can check into or some adjustment I can make? I've checked A entries, dns zones and every thing I can think of. I've run /scripts/fixndc and anything else I can think of that might help. It shouldn't be a dns issue because this site has been on the server since day one.

Any advice anyone can give me will be very greatly appreciated. TIA


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Oct 24, 2003
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just curious I have the same problem with a .nu it disapears for just the client it is a cobination problem with their ISP not resolving it and the registars dns timing out making it so slow to resolve