Video Tutorials page in cPanel uses an external URL that no longer works?


Aug 20, 2013
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I am still having this issue (January 21, 2014) using cPanel Version 11.40.1(build 9). (see thread at ) The general help video page opens to a blank screen due to the coding still using frames. Also, the links to videos in the individual functions also do not show due to frames.

I have asked my host to check to be sure they have the latest files, which they said they do, however it is obvious they do not have the files without the frame coding

It would appear from the linked article this was corrected in June 2012 by an update.

Since I am not familiar with the back end of cPanel, can someone help me with an explanation I can forward to my host about how to update the files from the cPanel back end for the videos to display correctly?


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