view bandwidth in WHM doesn't match apache logs


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Sep 25, 2002
St. Charles, MO
I have one account that is getting bandwidth usage warnings, but the AWStats and Webalizer only show 1/10th the bandwidth usage.

The view bandwidth from WHM shows the site at 42 Gig for the month, but I just ran the web log from another servier with a different stats program, and it only shows 4.2 Gig of data transfer.

When looking at the Bandwidth section of the user's cPanel area for May, it shows the daily bandwidth stats between 2 Gig and 10 Gig per day. All HTTP traffic.

Which one is correct? If it's the bandwidth traffic reports, then why aren't the bandwidth totals adding up in the apache logs?

Anyone have any ideas on this one? I have a feeling the bandwidth system is multiplying by 10 and it shouldn't be.