Aug 17, 2006
I'm not sure what to search for, so I thought I just post this question here and see if someone could point me into the right direction.

I bought the Virtual dedicated server option at a hosting company with cPanel. Now, could someone with some experience please help me out on the following:-

1. Hostname ---- Can I use any valid name, or does it needs to be a registered domain name
2. Nameserver IPs -- I have three IP's associated with this VDS, again, the names to use, should it be valid registered domains?

In both cases they recommend default names, but it doesn't ping, and I received no help in 12 hours from the helpdesk.

I know this might be stupid questions, but I have no experience with this setup.


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Feb 16, 2004
Hostname: Generally people use a subdomain of a domain registered to them as a server name, however, it cannot be a domain hosted on the same server. For example if you own the domain mydomain.tld, you might name your server myfirstvps.mydomain.tld. All that you need to do then is have an A record for the subdomain added to your domains DNS record.

Nameservers: Yes, they must be valid registered domain names to work. You might use: ns1.mydomain.tld or ns1.myfirstvps.mydomain.tld and the same for the second: ns2.xxxxx. Lastly, have ns and A records added to your domains DNS record for the nameservers.

DNS Records: Whoever hosts your domains DNS records should know how to add the records. If you plan to host your own, use a free service like http://zoneedit.com to host your domains DNS records.

DNS Records (x = IP address):
domain.tld. 14400 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
myfirstvps.mydomain.tld. 14400 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xx1
ns1 14400 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xx1
ns2 14400 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xx2
mydomain.tld. 14400 IN NS ns1.mydomain.tld.
mydomain.tld. 14400 IN NS ns2.mydomain.tld.