Virtual Nameservers for Resellers


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Jan 31, 2002
Is therer any kind of built in functionality for creating &Virtual Nameservers& for resellers? So that they can register/transfer their domains to NS1 and If it's not &built in&, how do you guys create these for your reseller clients?


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Aug 12, 2001
[quote:9d995704d4][i:9d995704d4]Originally posted by rbro[/i:9d995704d4]

Is therer any kind of built in functionality for creating &Virtual Nameservers& for resellers? So that they can register/transfer their domains to NS1 and If it's not &built in&, how do you guys create these for your reseller clients?[/quote:9d995704d4]

Check out Edit Resellers in Server Setup in WHM, select the reseller from the list to edit and on the next screen where you see all the options scroll down to the very bottom just before Save. You'll see the Primary Nameserver and Secondary Nameserver. You can put your reseller's &virtual nameservers& (at the end of the day, virtual or not, they need to be real nameservers or otherwise the domains won't work!) in those boxes once they've been registered.



Brian Farkas

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Aug 12, 2001
I'm a little bit confused as to what you are asking... Are you unsure how to CREATE nameservers, or how to register them? To create them, simply edit the reseller's zone file to include:

NS IN A 123.456.789.001
NS2 IN A 123.456.789.002

Of course, you're going to have to change those IPs to the appropriate ones you've assigned to their nameservers...

As for registration, the client should be able to handle that through his/her registrar's web site.


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Aug 12, 2001
Brian, I think rbro wants his resellers to have their own nameservers so that the reseller can register domains and set up accounts in WHM using their own nameservers as opposed to rbro's. That's my understanding.


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Aug 14, 2001
well.. virtual nameservers... tends to indicate to me aliased nameservers... = = same IP address.

It's my understanding that every dns hostname needs an individual ip address though.


Oct 23, 2001
this would be nice to knwo how its done, donhost do it (best not to follow there example i know!) but in the uk ips are not easy to get hold of, im limited to one or two per machine! any ideas on name server alising?


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Nov 16, 2001
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Here is a step by step direction, and you will need IPs for this to work.

Go into your WHM, click the link to show &IP address usage&, from the left menu.

This will show you what IPs are free to use, because there is no site info listed to the right of them.

Now, find 2 IPs that do not have sites listed on them.

Click on the &Show/Edit Reserved Ips& link from the left menu.

Now, go down the list of IPs, until you see the two IPs you are going to use for the resellers name servers. Check the check box for each one, then go to the botom of the page and hit the submit button.

assuming that you do not use SSH to manage your zone files,,,

You want to click the &Edit a DNS Zone& from the left WHM menu.

Select the resellers domain from the list, and click the &Edit& button.

Now, you see the resellers zone file.
BE CAREFULL IN HERE - This file makes their site work!!!

Look at the Zone file.. your second line should be an entry box full of numbers, and the words &Serial Number& off to the right of that.
You need to add the count of 1 to the serial number in that editable box.
(Example: 1009665039 will become: 1009665040)

Now, go down the list of editable boxes in the zone file,,,, several lines later you will see &Add New Entries Below this Line&
There are some blank boxes to edit in new info.

Put the following:
In the first box, put NS or what ever name you are using for the name server, but just NS for this example.
NS then leave teh numbers 14400 alone,,,
after the word &IN& you want the letter &A& in that selectable list to show.
In the first editable box after the letter &A&, put in the IP numbers that you selected from the list of available IPs.

Repeat this with NS2 for the second name server on the next line.

Now click the &Save& button at the bottom of the page.

Send an e-mail to your reselelr to go to his registry with the new IPs for the name servers,,, make sure to spell it out for them...
ei; - - IP:

Now, you can go into your Edit reseller area of the WHM, and select that reseller.. go to the bottom of his page, and enter the names for his new name servers... etc...

click to save.

Your done.

by reserving the IPs from the edit reserved IP list,,, your resellers name servers won't come up to someones site if entered into a browser by IP number to see where they go. People do that...

if your using shared IP hosting, and only have a couple IPs per server... you need some other person to tell you if or how to set up the name servers.


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Jul 28, 2002
I successfully got this working with assigning the resellers the SAME IP addresses as my main nameservers. Thanks!