virtual_aliases via virtual_aliases router forced address failure after migration


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Mar 28, 2008

After using the move feature included with 11.34.1 to transfer from our old server to our new server, it appears it has broken all of our client's email services. Anytime anyone sends an email to any of the clients they are met with a fail error. Using the email troubleshooter it returns:

virtual_aliases via virtual_aliases router forced address failure

It appears all DNS updates have populated for all of our clients, however this is the last part that doesn't seem to want to cooperate.

We have an open support ticket with cPanel, however, we are hoping someone may have an answer. Thanks.


Nov 25, 2008
This seems to be caused from the same bug that has been posted about here where after migrating an account mail can't be sent or received. It can be fixed by adding a forwarder. I had to add then delete forwarders on all migrated domains to get their email to work.

-When sending from a client it would give the unable to authenticate error.
-When sending from webmail it would give no such user error even though the account HAS to be there we are in the accounts webmail!
-When mail was sent to them it would give no such domain bounceback
-When sent from one account to another from the same server it would give no such user bounceback

All of this was fixed from the add/remove forward deal.

Now I have 1 issue left, even though the accounts work my SpamExperts filter isn't working for all of the migrated accounts. I am hoping to find someone that knows what causes these symptoms so I can repair it. The mail comes in and out but the SpamExperts filter doesn't report seeing any mail for incoming/outgoing emails. This only happens with the accounts that had this bug so adding then removing a forwarder isn't fixing everything just relieving a symptom.

Anyone have a firm handle on this bug?

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