VMWare / Sonicwall Configuration.


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Feb 4, 2009
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I've searched the forums and found a few post that have some of the content I am looking for, but none of them actually answer all my questions.

I realize that cPanel does not officially support running cPanel behind a NAT, however I'm reading that some users have successfully done this, but there are no instructions.

Looking for any sources and/or suggestions on how to setup cPanel within vmware behind a Sonicwall TZ-210.

I have plenty of external (Public facing) IP address.

My Public facing ISP router has 8 ports I can physically plug Ethernet cable into, bypassing the Sonicwall if need be, but I would like to virtualize the software instead of a physical box if possible.

How would one go about building a cPanel virtual box that would mimic a physical box that used the Public facing IP's?

I do know that the Sonicwall TZ-210 has a DMZ zone that I could use, would that be an option to assign the virtual machine an internal IP address, but the DMZ zone would actually show as the Public IP's?

I would probably contact Sonicwall for exact configuration on that...

If none of this is really possible and would not even be support, then I'll just order a new server.