VPS and IP assignment efficiency questions


Jan 13, 2013
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Hi. My name is Vee. I had a couple questions about cpanel/WHM. I was wonder about IP address assignments for a new web hosting server. In an attempt to "future proof" my server, or minimize downtime. I want use seperate IPs on my vps, for example, I have one vps now name vps1.mydomain.com with 2 dedicated IPs. I plan you host my domain that im selling shared hosting from on the same vps, but should i use a dedicated IP for that site and 2 separate IP address for each name server, and a fourth IP to use for all my shared hosting clients? Would this be pointless or efficient for when i start adding more servers to my assets. I guess my main goal was to prevent my domains IP from using the same shared IP as my clients. I have seen 2 nameservers being setup using 1 IP, but I dont know if it is better to keep the setup I have now. Any feedback is appreciated.


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Oct 24, 2003
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if its cost effective leave it as is mydomain.com should be on its own ip if it has SSL on it (which it should be)
since you are running one VPS the second nameserver is virtual (not real).

technically you can get away with running it on 2 IP's

1. main ip (shared hosting) & DNS 1
2. second ip mydomain.com running SSL & DNS 2

if you plan on adding servers later you can change your DNS ip for one of your name servers at that time and set it up in a DNS cluster