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vps overload , just hosted 1 website !

Discussion in 'Workarounds and Optimization' started by Tornado, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Tornado

    Tornado Active Member

    Jul 17, 2007
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    we have a Website who have 90Mb zipped DB space usaged.
    so we have order a vps for my website because sometimes didnt work on my old SHARED host so we migration to DEDICATED VPS for my website :

    processof information:
    memory usage:
    VPS sometimes overloaded, 90% memory usage !!!
    im using VPS OPTIMIZED cPanel.
  2. NetMantis

    NetMantis BANNED

    Apr 22, 2012
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    DataCenter Provider
    Contrary to popular misconception, a traditional VPS server is a substantial DOWNGRADE from shared hosting!

    Basically in a nutshell, you trade much of your CPU, MEMORY, and NETWORK power for greater control similar to that of a dedicated server having root access and better ability to control the server's configuration.

    If you look at VPS servers from the vantage point of what gives you greater control then a VPS would be an upgrade.

    However, if you look from the vantage point strictly in terms of server power, capabilities, and resources available to your web programs then VPS servers are a huge downgrade from shared hosting as going to VPS is a big drop in resource power and general server performance.

    The above right there alone is your biggest problem!

    Cpanel needs a barebones minimum of 512 MB just to be installed with only itself running and not any websites and that is more of a lab controlled everything optimized for minimal memory type of situation. Real life actual use, you really need a minimum of 768 MB of memory to be able to run Cpanel and maybe a couple of small low traffic type of websites.

    If you want to actually do anything that I'd consider "useful" with your websites, multimedia, larger databases, high traffic, more than a handful of sites, etc then you really need at least 1 GB of memory as the real minimum bottom of the line.

    Your MySQL is basically default with no optimizations.

    With a little tuning, you might be able to squeeze a little bit more performance out of MySQL but your lack of memory really works heavily against you so don't expect any miracle changes in performance.

    Really what you need the most is more memory. If you cannot afford to upgrade to an actual useful server machine, then my recommendation to you would be to create more swap memory on your drive. Swap memory is much slower than real actual memory since you are writing to a file or partition on a drive but would at least help keep you from just plain crashing.

    My only other advise for a system that small is not to use Cpanel. A raw LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) configuration with no control panel would use substantially less resources than a server trying to run Cpanel which has a lot larger overhead.

    Your best option all around though is going to be upgrading to a server that actually has more resources.

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