Want to setup Test server, some basic Q's


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Apr 13, 2003
For some of you more experienced people these questions are probably going to sound dumb, but it is with the interest of learning more that I post them.

I have a spare PC sitting here at home, and I want to learn how to setup Redhat/Apache/WHM/Cpanel on it from scratch. Just a freshly formatted hard drive on a home PC.

So I guess here are my basic questions if anyone cares to answer:

1. Is WHM/Cpanel available to download and use for tesdting at home for free? I already license it through my upstream provider on my web server, but that has nothing to do with this obviously.

2. Will WHM require that I have some kind of special DNS setup or something on the PC I'm installing it on? I mean, I have a cable modem connection and a router, but that's it. Just barebones for testing/learning.

3. After I download Redhat 7.3 and install it, would I go straight to WHM/Cpanel installs (if I can get them for testing) or is there something I need to install in addition to Redhat before I attempt to install WHM?

My whole reason for doing this is that I am one of those people who knows just enough about web hosting to get by with, and I totally rely on the automation of WHM/Cpanel to manage my web server. I would be completely lost if I were left to figure out Linux/RH/Apache all alone. I'm a designer who spends most of his time in Photoshop on XP creating pages. I want to change that and start learning more about the actual server administration as time allows. This is a big undertaking for me, so thank you for any advice.

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