Aug 20, 2015
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When you are creating a New Account in WHM (Home »Account Functions »Create a New Account) first you enter a domain, the WHM automatically fills out next field ‘Username’ and on the right side of the field you get a green tick, that everything is OK.

You fill out all other fields and then press button ‘Create’. After that on a new “web page” you get an error that this user already exists. In first step I’ve got a green tick, after I get an error. When I go back all fields are cleared so I have to do it all over again.

Please fix this. Or check if user exists in the first step or retain all fields when I go back to Create a New Account page.

Thank you.


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May 15, 2017
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Hi bcadej,

We are looking to provide real-time validation in forms in some aspects of WHM; however, at this time, the username validation is simply a syntax check. I think this would make a great feature request and I can see how that may become frustrating on a server with lots of users. Please use the link in my signature below to submit a feature request so our developers see this is a desired feature. Once you've created the feature request, posting the link here may give it some more traction.