Warning! Max mail per hour setting includes Mailman!


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Aug 21, 2003
La Crosse, WI
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Under WHM > Tweak Settings, you will find:

The maximum each domain can send out per hour (0 is unlimited) _____

I set this to 1000, thinking that was pretty high (anything more than that would be abuse, eh?)

WHOOPS! I have a customer on the server with a large Mailman mailing list (> 7000 members get a once-daily mailing)... and with this limit set... Mailman would send to the first 1000 on the list... then STOPS! Nobody else on the list gets his messages.

So, just sharing this little tid-bit, in case it wasn't clear to you guys. I thought this was only SMTP-Authenticated outbound mail from the end-users.... had no idea Mailman mail was included.

- Scott


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Oct 25, 2002
NE Illinois
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Hi Sneader,

You need to see if "/var/cpanel/maxemails" exists. If not, create it.

Leave the setting in WHM at the desired maximum for most domains and add into "/var/cpanel/maxemails" the domains you wish to override and their maximum email count, as:


run: "/scripts/build_maxemails_config" after the changes and the sites you added now have the higher (or lower) limit that you defined for them.

With my above example domain1.com can send 1200 email per hour and domain23.com can send 15000 emails per hour. All other domains are controlled by the WHM defined setting.