warning when restoring full backup, anything to be concerned about?


Dec 19, 2014
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Hello there,

I was recently provided a new server by my webhost (i have a dedicated server with them) and thus went through the process of backing up my accounts and restoring them thereafter via the cPanel WHM control panel.

I have 9 accounts that i backed up - 3 Invision Power Board, 1 SMF, 3 Wordpress, and 2 others.

Everything went smoothly with 0 warnings and 0 errors with the exception of 1 IPB cPanel account.

It completed with 1 warning and 0 errors. From the restore logs it seems to be a warning about the /bin/gtar tar archive extraction. I have attached a screenshot of the error below.

Is this anything i should worry about or is it just a warning? The site/database/email for that account works fine after restoration so i'm not sure if there was an actual issue.

Appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance!




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Apr 11, 2011
Re: /bin/gtar warning when restoring full backup, anything to be concerned about?

Hello :)

It's possible there was an issue with the packaging of the account on the source server. It's okay to proceed with using the account if you do not notice any issues after the restore has completed. Otherwise, feel free to open a support ticket using the link in my signature so we can take a closer look.

Thank you.