We are very comfortable with the new cPanel pricing


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Jul 26, 2006
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Hi, we have been using cPanel since 2006 (We used LayeredTech servers)...

Since 2009 we bought our licenses from buycpanel for servers in our network and others from OVH for servers hosted at OVH.

Approximately we purchased a new license every month. Not for us, but when a client hires a managed VPS from us, the license is included in the price.

With the change of licensing model in 2019 we became a cPanel partner to buy licenses directly. And we started charging separate license fees. They were no longer included in the VPS price.

This month we have stopped paying the last license to OVH, now we only have the ones we bought directly from cPanel.

We have been months without acquiring new licenses, we still offer managed servers on our web site, but customers hardly buy them anymore, it has become too expensive because of the price of the licenses, and the licenses we already had are gradually being reduced.

Actually, we feel quite comfortable with this situation... our main business model has always been unmanaged servers, they are customers that do not give problems and do not require support and thanks to this price increase the trend is being of customers moving their platform managed with cPanel to unmanaged with open panels.

We have never earned anything with cPanel licenses and now we are seeing how by just synchronizing the cost of the licenses and without doing anything else, the bill with cPanel is reduced every month and we have customers more focused on unmanaged models without cPanel.

Thanks cPanel for your great work!
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