We should be able to control what gets updated!



This is really a pain. My server is running Mailscanner+Exim. Along comes the Exim update on Nov 27. It overwrites my modifications without my authorization. No way to control what gets updated on my system. I dont realize this till Dec 5. Mailscanner is no longer working.

We really need an option that allows us to select if Exim gets updated or not. So many of us are running virus checkers on our servers and have no way to control Exim updates. Now im back to re modifying my programs just to get things back into working order.

If nothing else can we control whats gets updated please?


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Jun 1, 2002
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But then what was the point of the update?

Other files might rely on the new file. That would be like keeping an old DLL file with Windows.... risky.

Communication is key. Give details of the updates, so admins can prepare accordingly.

One company that I know that is GREAT with updates is vBulletin.com. Their updates are all documented, stating what is new, what is fixed, and most importantly what files were changed and how it might effect mods. Worth every penny they charge. They realize that 'their' customers are busy and don't have time to worry about what got overwritten and why.