Web Developer access - Struggling to give it to them - Complete Newbie


Mar 19, 2022
Manchester, UK
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Hi all,

I would normally trawl through forums for days / weeks in the past before posting as it's one of my big bug bears seeing repetative posts.

But I'm trying to get my web designer the access he needs to upload the website, my history is pretty limited as I was a "Wix" person but then my company needed an overhaul and have a gentleman doing that side.

I believe I did it right by creating a user via the Web Disk on my BlueHost, giving him the Web Disk and FTP access as well as Enabling Digest Authentication but he can't log in when I've given him the Windows 10 script and log in. He has said he is on Windows 11 so could this be the issue?

He is asking to speed up time to give him my details (I've had some other work done by him so kinda trust him - but wouldn't even give family my passwords) so that's a no.

What am I missing? I'm guessing it's something really easy? The reason for messaging before trawling is because I've done an advertisting campaign etc and need the site live rather than a "work in progress page"

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to spending weeks reading up so I'm not a complete newbie moving forward.

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Is this user just looking to upload the website? If so, the easiest way would be to create an additional FTP user inside cPanel, ensuring that user has access to the public_html directory. Details on how to create that can be found here:

That will likely be much easier than using WebDisk and will allow him to have a username and password to upload the files.

Let me know if that helps!