Webalizer - subdomain stats included in main domain?


Jan 31, 2002

I've been trying to search this answer out - but not finding much (probably using the wrong search terms!).

I have some subdomains set up and also an active main domain. In webalizer, do the stats for domain.com also include the stats for the subdomains? Or are they ONLY listed under the subdomain stats (not ALSO under the main Webalizer stats)? (I'm trying to get a true picture of total traffic on the whole entire domain - subdomains and all)

In other words, say for June I have these numbers in webalizer under the main domain: domain.com
Total Hits 45129041
Total Files 36655806
Total Pages 1361305
Total Visits 433661
Total KBytes 78594049

And say, under the webalizer stats for the subdomain: subdomain.domain.com
Total Hits 2533443
Total Files 1761588
Total Pages 10077
Total Visits 5510
Total KBytes 14089114

Are those under the subdomain stats already included in the first numbers (so I wouldn't have to add them together to get the total hits/files/pages/etc?

Thanks for any help