Jan 4, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Website Owner
I am trying to set up my own website.

The host i paid for provides cPanel as the program to do this.

Part of the setup process is installing my webdisk. In order to do this, i need to open up Ports 2077 and 2078.

I am using Windows Vista, and cannot see these ports in the list when i go to amend my firewall. Are they listed as something else??

I am also having problems when i go to do the 'Map Network Drive' part. I input the web address (my newly created web domain address), as instructed, but it comes up saying 'the folder you are trying to add appears to be invalid', does this relate to the ports not being opened?

I have googled the life out of this, and many people seem to have had the same problem, when using Vista. But i can see no solutions.

P.s, i have installed SP2, as is one of the suggestions that people keep giving. It hasnt solved the problem.

....in anticipation.