WebDisk - Making public_html publicly accessible???


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Mar 13, 2004
I thought WebDisk was just as secure as FTP, in that it provided an easy way of someone to access their root web files via password protected access, without having to use FTP software.

So now, I am setting up a webdisk for one of our accounts, and I see this bit of text on one of the pages after creating the webdisk:

"If you create a webdisk inside of the public_html directory, you will be making the files in the directory publicly accessible. If you want to keep your files private, you should use a directory that is not contained within any public folder."

Eeeeek! "...you will be making the files in the directory publicly accessible".

So, let me get this straight; even though I have created a webdisk, using a password and all, just the very act of doing this makes my public_html "publicly accessible". Well firstly, this directory IS technically publicly accessible otherwise no one would be able to use a browser to see any web pages. So does this mean that it will also make the public_html publicly writable, or otherwise insecure?

I just don't get this one.