Webdisk/WebDAV general questions


Jul 23, 2004
What is he difference between Webdisk/WebDAV? I've read the CPanel Manual and many forum posts, seems that the terms are interchangeable.

I've setup a webdisk in my CPanel and can upload/download files, Delete files, create folders, etc. But when I try to open a Word or Excel Doc from the webdisk, it opens as Read Only, why? Should I be able to open a file for read/write from the WebDisk? Nothing in the manual states that the files are Read Only or not editable.

When I try to open a pdf document directly from the Webdisk Acrobat Reader starts, then I get an error: "There was an error openeing the document. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." Since this is a read only type of document I didn't expect this problem.

I can't map a drive in Windows to the webdisk, why? Is there any fixes/solutions to be able to do this? DO I need a third party add-on or software client to do this?

I've read about people wanting to to place a shared calendar from Outlook on the webdisk, I haven't tried this yet, but my Webdisk doesn't appear to support read/write functionality, so how can I get this to work? What do I need to make this work?

I am running XP sp3 and I downloaded and installed the patch from MS that was mentioned in some other threads but that made no difference.

I have a customer that needs to have a "shared" webspace for document repository, etc. and I know that they want the ability to be able to open the docs directly from the webspace.

Any and all answers are greatly appreciated.
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