WebHost Toolbox 2 - Urgent, 1 week to go to release


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Jun 6, 2003
I am realy sorry about the release and the project had probably come across as dead and this is because we have been porting the whole system to a new language for version 2.
I want to release the software within a week and I need a few testers to try it and I also need someone who is able to design the logo, (luckly it dosent need to be a icon file, the language I am using accepts jpg's so if someone can make me a icon in a range of sizes i would be grateful)
Only 1 week to the first release.

Features include:
Totally database based, store unlimted usernames and passwords, find them at click of a button using built in search facility
New GUI based upon v1.5 GUI,
No runtimes are required, the program is 100% self contained
Mac OS X version avaliable from launch
Linux version will be avalible once I have had it tested

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