Webhosts; Different version of cPanel?


Apr 4, 2004
I am searching for a webhost and noticed that they are advertising different versions of cPanel (e.g. cPanel 9.1.0-stable 93, cPanel X version 8, cpanel 7.4 etc). Furthermore, some of them seem to include add-ons such as "Fantastico" or "Scripta v1.1".

Are there large differences in the different versions and the add-ons? Should I be concerned with what versions they are using for maximum security and features? e.g. Should I sign up with a webhost that uses the latest version? I realize that they may upgrade later, but that may just cause problems and downtime..


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Oct 4, 2003
Well there our several different things to consider.

First, the version is not to important, as long as it's a stable version. However, the older the software, the longer hackers have to find an exploit. I like to stay semi up to date. That means I don't like to get the newest version, I would rather have others test it first. I also don't also like the older versions because they may be missing important security updates.

I have opted to install Fantastico on my servers. My customers seem to really appreciate it. The only downside is, the more software, the more chance of being exploited/hacked later down the line. That is why I keep up to date on ALL software on my server, not just CPanel alone.

An important question to ask a host is what steps they have taken to secure there server. By asking them this you will also get somewhat of an idea on how good there support is. Count down the hours and mins that it takes them to respond. Also make sure they have a good answer, if they replied back that they just have a firewall installed, that's not good enough.

And remember the cheapest host is not always the best. There are a few things that you should look for in a host.

#1. Choose a host with good support. Ask the support team several questions in multiple emails/support tickets. Time them and see how long they take to respond, try to hit them at different times of the day and night.

#2 Do a seach on google for negative things about the host. Like "ABCHOSTINGCOMPANY sucks". Every host probably has a complaint or 2, but avoid the ones with lots of complaints.

#3 Do a whois search on there domain name. If there domain was just created, it doesn't mean they are a bad company, it just means they are new to the hosting industry. There are quite a few teenagers who think they can start a hosting company, charge .99 cents a month for 1 gigabyte of space, and then there customers wonder why they close up shop in less than a year.

#4 Avoid companies who's offers are too good to be true, like the above example .99 cents/mo is to cheap for 1 gigabyte of space.

#5 Avoid companies who give unlimited space or bandwidth. Every hard drive has it's limits, and someone has to pay for bandwidth. The unlimited space and bandwidth usually end up going belly-up like the example in #3 and #4, or they end up cancelling you with no warning when you start using to much.

Good luck on your search, let me know if I can help you any further.

Vince Wiley