Webhosts: What do you need from a client management database


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Jun 6, 2003
I am a developer of a client management system for webhosts, it initially will be released to work on one computer, but will be expanded to run the database on a remote server using MySQL with each support staff able to have different access rights, they would use this software to allow access to data in the MySQL database
I currently have 50% of the system complete and would like to find out in more detail what webhosts actually need from such a system, currently it stores customer information, has a built in system for restricting access to certain parts of the system, handles caculating of costs and profit.
This system is aimed at small to medium sized webhosts. The reason for this is that although it can handle a very large number of clients most large webhosts already have a efficient client management system.
A few ideas i have been thinking of are:
PM system between support staff
Billing System intergration - This would require someone to make a compatible billing system.

Also i need to know how much webhosts would be willing to pay for this system, its alot of programming and although I have used the 50% ive completed so far as college coursework it is still alot of hard work. I also plan to donate 15% of retail price of this software to charity for each licence sold, 50% will be put towards my univercity fees and the last 35% will be used to develop new products.

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