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Sep 29, 2007
I have a view clients that have been complaining about the webmail services that cPanel provides. In particular they find that there are two many options when logging into webmail, and all they want is direct access to their inbox. What I have recently done, is enabled Horde as their only webmail option so they are at least not confused between using different webmail clients. Here is the current login process:

1. They go to www.theirdomain.com/webmail
2. Enter In their login info
3. They have to then click to login to Horde
4. They have to then choose the language
5. They then have to click "Mail" on the left
6. They then have to click "Inbox" to finally get to their inbox.

As you can see, this 5 or 6 step process, or even 3 step process with the auto login is troublesome and annoying for the end users.

I have tried the auto login feature, which sort of helps, but for most users they do not know this feature exists. Does anyone have any recommendations on addons for cPanel which provide better webmail services, and improve the login process?

Thanks, any help appreciated.