webmail folders - IMAP vs POP3


Feb 11, 2013
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I create a folder in the webmail.
to set up accounts in Outlook as IMAP folders are me. :).
but to configure pop3 mode do not appear. Anyone know where I can be or how to configure my Outlook pop3 and folders are aparescan thanks.

need in pop3 imap that I fill in the hosting

attached photos of the event.


in spanish

creo una carpeta en el webmail.
al configurar las cuentas en outlook como imap, me aparecen las carpetas. :).
pero al configurarlas en modo pop3 no aparecen. Alguien sabe a que se debe o como puedo configurar mi outlook en modo pop3 y que aparescan estan carpetas gracias.

necesito en pop3 por que en imap me llenan el hosting

adjunto fotos del caso.

Jeff Shotnik

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Oct 10, 2012
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POP is different than IMAP, you need to create your folders locally for POP - it doesn't sync up with the server as IMAP does. I'd stay with IMAP if you are looking to sync the same folders across multiple devices.