Webserver doesn't reboot anymore (hangs after setting hostname) !?


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Nov 4, 2002
Hi All

I am in serious problems. My server won't reboot anymore since yesterday and I can't find the problem. I will explain how it comes...

I am running Linux RedHat 7.2 with the latest stable release of Cpanel/WHM. Apache, MySQL, Bind, cppop, openssh... everything runs on the same server.

1. sunday 25/4, suddenly MySQL and SSH was down, but Apache was still working. I couldn't login in WHM to reboot, also ssh was not working anymore....

2. monday 26/4 I asked my datacenter to reboot my server, but then he was totally gone... I drove to there and I saw he was hanging in de boot procedure. I tried to reboot several times, but he keeps stopping at the same place while loading RedHat. These are te latest steps:

* .....
* Activating swap partitions [OK]
* Setting host name: xxx.xxxxx.xx [OK]

..... And then he hangs ! Nothing happens anymore !?

Is someone of you familiar with this problem ? What can I do now ? I changed nothing in the settings, maybe an update of Cpanel did ? Or could it be a hardware failure ? The server was running since two years without any problem.

Please help me, thanks in advance !!

Kind regards,
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