Webserver Performance - How much user?


Aug 10, 2010
Hello, im sorry for this stupid question, but i have to ask this cos i found only old threads :)

I'm intrested in ram usage and cpu usage of cPanel, how much user/website can run on a single server?
I have a the following Server Spec:
CPU: 2 x (dual) Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor E5506 4C 2.13 GHz 4 MB Cache
RAM: 16GB PC3-10600 CL9 ECC DDR3 1333MHz LP RDIMM
HDD for OS and Cpanel plus MySQL: RAID5 4x IBM 146 GB 10K 6 Gbps SAS 2.5" SFF Slim-HS HDD
HDD for Storage: RAID5 6x IBM 500GB 7.2K SATA 2.5-inch SFF Slim-HS HDD
Connection in the region: 2/2 Gbps

How much Customers should i host maximal on my server w/o problem (not too many vistiros/day)? :confused: