Website Cloned to Other Domains on Same Server after SSL implementation

Surendra Singh

Oct 2, 2016
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Hi Folks,

Stuck in a strange situation. Recently I switched my website from http to https.

Here are the steps I follow:
I prepared myself for the transition, taken backup of complete website, purchased and implemented SSL certificate in my website i.e. and in last, done redirection process through a Drupal's module.

All were successfully done, but today I noticed a thing which is out of my head and that is My website is automatically get cloned to other domains parked on same server.

There are around 10 domains parked on same server, 2 of them are: &

when I open above mentioned sites with http they show their real content but when I prefix https e.g. & they render same copy of
This happened with all parked domains on same server. And most socking thing is that I only implemented SSL for
How other domains on same server are accessible with https? How the copy of is automatically integrated with other domains?

I don't know how this happened, please help me to resolve this. Any help will be appreciated.

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Aug 21, 2015
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Your site hasn't really been cloned, you're just running into a problem because you have an SSL certificate installed for a site on a shared IP address. Other sites, if they don't have SSL, will be redirected to the SSL site when accessed with HTTPS. See this document:

My certificate installed, but visitors who try to securely access other sites on the shared IP address can only see the site with an installed SSL certificate, not my default domain.

You may also find this post helpful, because the cPanel staff discuss some options to resolve the problem.

Basically, the fix is to either move the SSL-secured site to a dedicated IP, or to install SSL certificates for all the domains/subdomains on the shared IP address.
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