Website Down, Cant Access It Through Ssh Or Whm


Aug 1, 2015
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Hi everyone, I'm managing a website for a club in my school but its been down for 2 days. I've tried googling to how to bring it back online or what the problem might be but I cant figure it out. So far I've tried pinging the website and it works. I can't seem to SSH to it but that might be because SSH login may not have been activiated in its cPanel but now I can't even go to the cPanel or WHM to activate it. Anyone has any idea how to proceed from here? :(

Also, I just realized I didn't see some email from cPanel alerting me about someone making too many invalid login attempts and another one about corrupted database tables. Could these have caused the site to go down? I can't seem to go back into cPanel to try make any changes to them. Thanks!

Let me know if this post is in the wrong section. I'm new to this forum :)


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May 20, 2003
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You wouldn't be using an email address for SSH access. You've probably been blocked by that servers security, cPHulk, CSF etc. Best to contact your Hosting Provider for assistance with this. And/or, try connecting from some other IP address. Forget SSH with an email address though.