Website downloads php file doesnt load

Lee Weaver

Jul 16, 2019
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When I set up easy apache with the php versions and extensons we need to run our servers and and websites then recomplie every thing restart apache and restrt and reboot the servers evry websioite works except two.

The websites dont work you click on the link and instead of giong to the website it downloads the actual file yet every domain name on the VPS is run by the same set up 3 work two dont.

Now I am with Planet Hippo and there about as useless as £50.00 note in the bank where you need Id and your miles away from home and dont have any id.

I must stress I did not install the VPS Planet Hippo did.

Ive really been stressed out over and in tears ive lost thousands of pounds since them websites have been down and all Planet Hippo say its a problem at my end not theres.

Ive had my developers in who have felt like like throwig pans at their engineers because they want £50 an hour to go in and fix this.

The developers told me tyhis a hosting error pure and simple they are saying no it is not its your fault.

The developers explained to me if your on the same set up for every website there is no difference in the provisions the php versions are the same the setting the same there is no reason why two websites would download the php file instead of loading the website.

I hope you can advise.

Lee Weaver


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Lee Weaver,

I recommend submitting a support ticket with us directly so we can take a closer look at the server and see what's happening. You can post the ticket number here once it's opened and I'll link this thread to it.

Thank you.