Sep 20, 2013
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Hi there

I hope someone can help me and I hope I've come to the right forum!!!

I currently work for company who is looking to move our website maintenance from one company to another. This is so that the new company (not yet confirmed) will be able to edit any website changes and carry on with the maintenance and any updates on onsite changes needed. There will then be a on-going charge for monthly work, which I am happy with.

The hosting of the site will remain with our current hosting company. To provide a following overview of my company website;

Ecommerce website
It has a content management system in place (ie the product and category pages can be updated, but not the homepage)
The site was built using bespoke software.
Has a stock management system

I have been quoted to move the site from the existing company to their servers. This is basically 10 days for the team to check the migration has worked, get to drips with the software, check the source code has worked, and also check that the stock management system is also working.

Apologies if this is really vague, but I wondered if anyone out there can confirm these costs sound about right based on the technical/ development day rates.

I can happily answer any other questions you might have as best I can

Hopefully hear from someone soon.

Thanks alot


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May 20, 2003
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The hosting of the site will remain with our current hosting company.

If you're staying with the same Hosting Provider, you're not actually moving the site itself. It sounds to me like you're looking for someone to manage the actual site setup. You might try searching the cPanel AppCat for something like that:
cPanel App Catalog

Your question really has nothing to do with cPanel itself though, or does it?

This probably isn't the proper forum to search that sort of service, and, advertising by anyone on these forums is not permitted.