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Oct 25, 2006
Hello, I have been browsing through as many post/threads as I can find here about ssl and the website security certificate error message and how to stop it from occurring for my non e-commerce clients. I have lost three clients in the last two months who claim they are too afraid to click the link in IE to allow them into their webmail.

So here is what I've done as per reading some of the solutions in this forum.
1. Received and installed a free class 1 server ssl certificate from startssl dot com onto my server. Went into WHM>> Main >> SSL/TLS >> Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain with nobody as the user. The certificate installed successfully.

2. Went to Main >> SSL/TLS >> Manage SSL Hosts and enabled shared ssl certificate.

3. Went to Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> redirection and set "Always redirect to ssl" to on. "Non-ssl redirect destination" to hostname. "SSl redirect destination" to SSl Certificate Name and "Logout redirection Url" to No Direction.

Still when clients login to their webmail using they get the website security certificate error. Even when they click the link "Continue to this website (not reccommended)" the first time they still get the error message everytime they go to their webmail on different occasions.

What am I not understanding or missing here? I was under the assumption based on posts in this forum that this would work without having to try and sell them another ip address.

These aren't e-commerce sites so they have stated they will not pay extra for ip addesses. I don't want to loose any more clients so is what I'm trying to do even possible? Will I have to bite the bullet and pay/provide the ip addresses for them?

After corresponding with startssl they tell me that if my server supported SNI it should work.

I have WHM 11.30.6 (build 4) CENTOS 5.8 x86_64 standard
Apache version 2.2.17
PHP version 5.2.16
MySQL version 5.0.95-community

on my server and will research a little more to see if my server supports it.

I found this encouraging thread:
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You mentioned the primary issue is the warning message that appears when accessing Webmail. To clarify, is this the Webmail option provided by cPanel? If so, this certificate must be installed for the cPanel/WHM/Webmail service via:

"WHM Main >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates"

Thank you.