Websites hosted on my server can't process any type of form


Dec 2, 2007
I have several drupal and a wordpress sites hosted on my server. Nobody cant login, request passwords or send any type of form that have a submit button. The page that contain any form just reloads without showing any message error box.

You can check the fault at: and

My case looks to be similar as this guy: My solution to: can't login, can't install, the page just reloads and nothing happen |

My server is cPanel based and post_max_size and the rest of recommends of the above link dont work for me. I can't access to admin pages and, honestly, I'm desesperated because I've been looking for a solution for 3 days and cant log on any website or install more drupal or wordpress sites because the submit button doesn't work.

PD: I have full root access to the server

Thanks a million in advance for your support