Websites keep going down for around 15 minutes every day

Dec 24, 2021
Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Over the last 3 days, all my client's websites have been going down for around 15 minutes every day on my VPS. I've spoken to my hosting provider who has told me different reasons on what it may be & I've done everything they've said, Like optimising and repairing databases. Unfortunately, they are still going down but the server stays online. Please help as it's quite urgent.
Many Thanks

  • CentOS v7.9.2009 vzcontainer [server]

  • v100.0.5


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Sep 25, 2012
New York
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It's going to be very random depending on how busy Apache is. For us, we've simply scripted a restart of Apache twice a day to reduce the impact.

I would like to think with patch(es) for the issue being shared on the bug tracker, a fix should be pushed to a minor this week (hopefully) at which point cPanel will need to get it approved and into their repo.

*Hopefully* cPanel stops pushing 2.4.52 out in the interim.