Apr 25, 2006

I log on my ssh panel then run /scripts/runweblogs per username where its webtats are behind but after more than 24 hours it had no effect on my webalizer/webalizer ftp analysis report, its still behind. Even running the runstatsonce, though many of the sites were updated but these domain never updated. Is it possible that in webalizer it will be updated then other feature in webstats like webalizer ftp its logs are behind? I have experienced it that the webalizer are updated but the webalizer ftp are outdated or the otherway around but when i checked on the subdomain stats the one that had no update on e.g. webalizer in subdomain stats it is updated.
Anyone had an idea why some still behind? My "delete all logs after stats run" is set to on beforehand I made to the runweblogs.
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