Weird characters in files - Some strange problems


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Feb 13, 2005
We have a strange problem, cant seem to find info on the web.

Just to summer up:
We had a problem yesterday and the system wasnt able to reboot. We have changed our hard drive - put a new one - install from scratch cpanel / whm on centos ent 5. And we have put our old hard drive in slave to be able to retrieve back our sites and more.

When accessing the old drive, there are some strange characters in the files. For instance instead of header('location:index.php'); i have header('location:aNdex.php'); - Anyone ever saw this issue?? is it a character set in the system config?

We are in desperate mode - any HELP would be really appreciated.

On another note - anyone knows how we can retrieve our clients dbs?



Nov 2, 2006
Somewhere is USA
How are you restoring the files from the old drive exactly, rsync/cp etc .

Regarding mysql databases just stop mysql, go on the old drive copy the databases directories from within /old-drive/var/lib/mysql to /new-drive/var/lib/mysql , make sure you also copy the mysql directory(/var/lib/mysql/mysql) , you may also make sure to not copy the files from within /var/lib/mysql just the directories, because copying the files may create problems when trying to start mysql again.

You may want to think again and maybe hire someone who knows this things if you have important data in there as you may end up messing everything if this is not done correctly and also may lose data.

Good luck.