May 4, 2014
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I have a VPS running Centos 6.5 with WHM/Cpanel and the latest versions of PHP/Apache?MySQL. I have a couple of sites on the box running ecommerce software - Cubecart 5.

Up until yesterday the sites were running fine. I have anew client who also wants a Cubecart shop so I downloaded the latest version and uploaded it to the site, extracted the files, created the database and ran the installer. All went well until I tried access the ADMIN section, I saw this message:

Notice: `name` is not allowed as a key in 'CubeCart_config' table! in /home/hkudhirt/public_html/classes/db/database.class.php on line 794

I then tried the SHOP section and saw exactly the same thing. At that moment the phone rand and the owner of the other Cubecart - which has been running fine for the last 2 months - told me that hist shop had stopped working.

After a lot of head scratching and Googling, I think the problem has to do with permissions but I can't find out where I need to make changes. I did notice when I looked at all the databases on the server with WHM PHPMYADMIN that a couple of the usernames were grey and in italics and there is a little symbol beside them - picture attached.

Has anyone any ideas of what I can do to sort this out?

Thanks for reading



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Apr 11, 2011