Nov 12, 2007
This may not be something CPanel specfic, but I'm going to ask anyway to exclude the possiblity that my install has gone insane.

I have had a bunch of very weird AND LONG error log entires in the past few weeks. Various different ips (most of which appear to be web bots) have triggered this sort of message:

"File does not exist: /home/{my root account name}/2007-2008season/2007-2008season/NewsAndReviews/2007-2008season/2007-2008season/2007-2008season/2007-2008season/2007-2008season/2007-2008season/NewsAndReviews/NewsAndReviews/2007-2008season/NewsAndReviews/2007-2008season . . ." etc and so forth until the log runs out of charaters.

I now have over 12,000 error hits onto my log in a few weeks, which makes searching for REAL errors a bit of a pain.

It appears the bots are getting caught in some sort of loop on my pages but it's only on the '2007-2008 season' page or when going to that directory. The page has been around for several months without problems, but only recently has this error started happening. I did not make any changes to the site or any page on it before it happened. I have recreated the directory several times, gone over the HTML with every tool at my disposal, and checked the links in the page (changed them both to absolute and reference links and back without a difference).

Users do not see any 404 or 403 pages when trying to click on the links to those pages or directories. Navigation works fine for them. I cannot recreate the error on my own.

Is this some sort of weird HTML error (either on my part or that of the bots) or a CPanel thing? Any guidance would be appreciated.