Weird Issue with Wordpress installed from Fantastico..


Jan 15, 2009
This is just to share with you people.. Hope this will help you..

I installed wordpress using fantastico from my hosts cpanel. I had my index.html file inside the root directory. Then I tried to access my domain name. The site was working fine in other browsers, however, in Google Chrome, I was receiving the error that there are malware contents in my blog. All of my viewers were receiving the same error in google chrome.

Then I uninstalled the wordpress(removed all the files) and try to access the site. But the error was still there. I removed all the files inserted by fantastico except my index.html file. But still I was receiving error...

Then I checked my index.html file and found that there is an Iframe code inserted by fantastico. I removed that code and then the error disappeared!!!

Why fantastico insets any codes inside my own file??? I mean, it is not installed by Fatnastico, that was my own file.. so how can it edit my file????