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Feb 13, 2008
I am going through something crazy these last few days.. I got a very weird problem between my hosting provider (jaguarpc) and some of my clients. The problem is that around 20% of my clients are having problems uploading anything to their account, like sending e-mails, uploading files through ftp, http, etc, but some others including me, are just fine! Downloads are 100% fine, no problems.

This weirdness started around last thursday when one of my servers have a little down time, and went back in half an hour, but since then i'm getting complaints from my clients. The question is... is there any way for me to troubleshoot this case? Is there some tool to see if the problem is at jaguar, or at my clients internet service, or at my server? I cannot reproduce this problem here but i can reproduce it at my work place, so any help is appreciated!!!



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Oct 30, 2001
same problem here with a server at Soft Layer - Dallas. Uploads are slow as molasses, 1.5 KB/s on a fast DSL connection. Updated to the latest "accelerated" version of Cpanel, restarted just about every service but ftp is very slow.