weird POP/IMAP Exchange question


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Aug 25, 2006
Good evening All,

I have a strange question:

I have a client whom has several domains with us, he uses he mail on our domains and wants to know if there is a way to have our servers "pop" or "download" his e-mail from an exchange server.

The reality is the exchange server admin is forcing people to POP thier accounts because he believes its a security risk to forward mail from the exchange server to a different mail server. Even though I don't believe him, or care for that matter, I need to find a solution the fits with all parties.

SO... is there a way to configure something that will run at the server level that will allow our server to login to the exchange server (with the correct user and account info) and download the mail from the server and grab it and "insert" it into his mail accounts on our server either by forwarding it to the account he wants it forwarded to or some other intelligent method??